Dragonfly Biosciences Signs Exclusive Agreement with Melabis Blockchain Platform
5th September 2018
Dear Shareholders and Partners,

Dragonfly Biosciences is pleased to announce a collaboration with The Melabis Project and its proprietary blockchain technology.

The Melabis Project is centred around creating a distributed ledger and data bank on every aspect of the Cannabis Industry and incorporating block chain technology. This information is available to both Government and industry and covers everything from specific country legislation, licenses, seed banks and cultivator expertise to data on sales and products with feedback directly from members of the public.

This exciting technology has the potential to open more channels of distribution, bridge countries trading abilities as well as expand knowledge at a time of unprecedented growth in every aspect of the industry including medical cannabis.

Dragonfly Biosciences has negotiated an exclusive deal and are the only CBD company featured in The Melabis Project database and public facing digital interface. This exciting new venture will allow Dragonfly to be at the frontier of vital big data required to be successful in the cannabis industry as well as providing insight and data to Melabis.

We look forward to updating you on further developments as we work together on this project.
Kind regards,

Chris Wronski
Chairman, Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd.

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